Ethan Edwards, Citadel Private Investigator

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interimcouncilor asked: "Mister Edwards. I want you to meet me at my office. My secretary will be contacting you regarding your schedule."

Ethan considered his own schedule, there were a few things on it, but nothing pressing, a meeting with a volus who was hoping to get a leg up on his business partners and was going to ask for black mail material.  A favor for a few people at C-sec, lecturing some of their recruits on the nature of his work and a few things he had managed to pick up.  Nothing that couldn’t be postponed with a meeting with the Human Councilor as a reason.

"Sir.  I’m free now if you want."

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"What beautiful names. Are they twins?"

"They’re beautiful." she smiled at the photos and up at him."It’s wonderful that you have them. What are they like?"

"Ashala is wonderful… as long as her dancing keeps her distracted, her idle hands can… well, let’s just say that more than one diplomat has gotten water-ballooned.  Eris… honestly, I think Eris is just trying to take as much of an opportunity to be a normal girl as she can.  But she’s absolutely brilliant."

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Ethan grinned, looking over the arcade’s small crowd.  Shepard’s presence so close to the Shepard game was beginning to attract attention, a few people were moving in, forming a small circle around the two of them.

"Is that her?"  "Who is she with?"  "Woah, for real!"  "No way."  "Shepard…"

He grinned and looked over the crowd.  ”You can’t dissapoint them.”  He turned to someone nearby, “you gonna give her a few tokens to play?”

If looks could kill everyone in the arcade would be dead in few seconds. At least, the red lightning of the room could hide the blush of her face.

"Ok, but only a few shots" she took one of the plastic guns and examined it, locating the trigger, the clip… where was the clip? Stared at Ethan, a little confused. But she’d better wait and see the instructions of the game “What is this about? Is it all about admiring my crew’s butt? Or what?" grinned. “Have you played it before, Ethan?"

"Fuck no, but I don’t see how that affects me being player two."  He grinned and picked up the device, a plastic replica of a pistol, and putting on the well lit suit and goggles that accompanied it, that added a little "extra" to his field of vision, projecting the enemies into the scenery, the screen had player two flip through Shepard’s companions to play, as naturally player one would be playing as Shepard.


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“That’s always nice. How old is she again?”

“They’re each sixteen”

"They grow up fast don’t they. What are their names again?"

"Ashala and Eris."

"What beautiful names. Are they twins?"

Ethan chuckled and smiled at the question, “No… here.”  He fiddled with his omni-tool, bringing up a picture of two grinning young women with each other’s arms around their backs.  One Asari, one ostensibly human.  ”Ashala and Eris.”

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Ethan stepped out of his shower, a wrapped towel around his waist, obscuring the area below his waist.  He walked up to the two girls on his sofa, putting his hands on the back of the sofa, behind Estelle.

“What are you two talking about?”

Estelle smiled at Ethan. “She was asking what is our relation. Understandable since I’m wearing…. your clothes.” She answered, not telling how curious Ashala was sure they already have done it. “Feels nice to be in dry clothes, isnt?” Estelle asked not aware he was only covered by a towel, she assumed he’d be clothed with more.

"Ashala, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions like that… Although, I see where you’re coming from… But don’t you have homework?"

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“I’m not about to rule it out.  But my work isn’t really publicized, there’s only so many circles that my name would be in.  Are you with the police? military?”

She shakes her head. “I’m just a lowly dancer. My dad’s Alliance though…I feel like I’ve….just seen your name somewhere…something to do with the Council though…” she shakes her head. “I could be wrong, it’s happened before.”

"Then you do have some connections, I’ve been in contact with the council recently."

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